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Evolution Of VAST Over The years & Key Difference Between Its Versions Such As VAST 2.0, VAST 3.0 & VAST 4.0

Image Source: IAB and Advertiser Perception Over the years , Online advertising is moving from display to video , And Video ad spending is increasing.As per recent report from eMarketer Digital Video Advertising to Grow at Annual Double-Digit Rates US digital video ad spending will continue to grow at a pace that exceeds TV advertising growth […]

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VAST 4.0 -Video Ad Serving Template

VAST: The Video Ad Serving Template is an XML response framework that enabled a consistent delivery format for ad across streaming video platforms. Since It’s first launch back in 2008. IAB tech lab have made several updates which not only increase overall functionality but also increase simplicity to understand. VAST 2.0 which support VPAID JS […]

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Top 10 Advertising Blogs For Online Advertising Professionals

On September 7th, 1982, David Ogilvy, founder of the iconic agency Ogilvy & Mather, sent an internal memo to all of his employees. Sparsely titled, “How to Write,” Ogilvy laid out his commandments for producing clear and efficient written messages. Among them (at number five) was the simple doctrine, “Never write more than two pages on […]

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Getting Started with Digital Advertising – Know the Advertising world!

Now, consider is a world where we can think of buying/ selling something online. So, you are the seller, the place where you are selling your product is a network, and the buyers who are actually interested in buying your product. Same is the case is with Online Advertising, let’s walk through the basic terminologies. […]

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How To Identify VAST and VPAID ?

VAST and VPAID are two basic things that every ad trafficker should know when they want to know about video ads, And if you are among those who know what is VAST and VPAID but can’t figure out which is used for what then just take quick recap from my previous Article.Article 2. OK so we […]

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How To Use Google Swiffy to Convert Flash Into HTML5

Swiffy is a tool developed by Google to convert Flash into HTML5, As digital advertising industry is shifting from using Flash creatives to HTML5 built creatives, there are plenty of tools which can help you to do that. What are the prerequiste ? As we all know that Flash file contain Clicktag which is variable […]

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