Lesson 1:Introduction 1

Lesson 2: Introduction 2


Lesson 3: Fallbacks

Lesson 3:Content Ingestion

Lesson 4:Ad Rules

Lesson 5:Video Ad Tags

Lesson 6: Troubleshoot Video


Lesson 7: VAST XMLs

Lesson 8: VMAP XMLs

Ad Operation DFP Related Questions:

Which of the following is not one of the major categories of video ad?
  • Linear
  • Companion
  • *Leaderboard
  • Non-linear
  • Non-linear ads display as overlays when an article’s content video plays.
  • *True
  • False
  • Which of the following is not a VAST response that DFP would return to the video player?
  • *Internal VAST response
  • Inline VAST response
  • Redirect VAST response
  • Which of the following is not a common standard for video ads?
  • VAST
  • *VETO
  • VMAP
  • VPAID is a special version of VAST designed for interactive ads in the video player.
  • *True
  • False
  • Google’s latest SDK for video ads is called the ___________ Media Ads 3 SDK.
  • Interstitial
  • Intuitive
  • Immersive
  • *Interactive


  • Video fallback reduces the likelihood to fill a video impression.
  • True
  • * False
  • What is the correct parameter to disable fallback on an individual an ad tag?
  • *nofb=1
  • fallback=false
  • nofb=0
  • nofallback=true
  • Which of the following is not a circumstance in which the video player will fallback to the next video ad?
  • A blank VAST XML response
  • The VAST response times out
  • *Third party discrepancy
  • An HTTP error

Content Ingestion

  • The content ingestion feature enables you to automatically ingest and expose content metadata into DFP.
  • *True
  • False
  • Which of the following feed types is supported by DFP?
  • YouTube
  • Brightcove
  • Ooyala
  • * All of the above
  • Removing any unused videos from your feed will slow down the sync process.
  • True
  • *False

Ad Rules

  • One method for enabling ad rules is to append the parameter ad_rule=0 to specific video ad requests.
  • True
  • *False
  • Bumpers allow you place short video ads before or after the actual video ad runs.
  • *True
  • False
  • Which of the following additional functionalities are gained by using ad rules?
  • Frequency caps
  • Priorities
  • Podding
  • *All of the above

Video Ad Tags

  • Every master video tag must have a companion tag.
  • True
  • *False
  • Which of the following parameters is not required in a video ad tag?
  • env
  • *cust_params
  • iu
  • sz
  • You can test out your video ad tags by using Google’s Video Suite Inspector.
  • *True
  • False

Troubleshoot Video Ads

  • In the delivery inspector, you can choose a country in which to simulate an ad request.
  • *True
  • False
  • With a(n) _______ request, the delivery inspector will show the returned ads with their ad rules – such as podding, bumpers, etc.
  • VAST
  • *VMAP
  • Video
  • Ad Unit
  • If you see an orange bar before or after a preroll pod when running a simulation, that represents a:
  • VAST response.
  • *bumper
  • midroll
  • the main video content
  • The VAST XML is not the ad, but rather something that describes the ad.
  • * True
  • False
  • An “inline” VAST XML:
  • * contains a list of all the creatives.
  • redirects the player to another VAST XML that contains the list of creatives.
  • is an ad rules request.
  • does not communicate with the video player.
  • If a VAST XML’s creative list only contains flash video files, it will still display on non-flash based video players.
  • True
  • *False


  • VMAP stands for:
  • Video Migration Ad Protocol
  • *Video Multiple Ads Playlist
  • Videos Mainly Are Picked
  • Variety Mixed Ads Played
  • VMAP XMLs contain ad tags that request VAST XMLs from DFP.
  • *True
  • False
  • The VMAP XML contains timing data that tells the video player when to play each ad.
  • *True
  • False

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