Check out the tools that will be useful for Ad Ops Professional

List of tools which are similar to HTML5,VAST Validator, MRAID

Tester,Third Party Ad Validator

Third Party Ad Validator


DFP Tag Generator and Tester

Ad Preview Tool

Ad/Tag Preview and Diagnosis tool
Preview ad by just pasting the code in the box and let it work for seconds,
Ad Preview tool can preview outstream videos ads also know as in read video ads,Also instream videos ads,display ads etc.

Ad/Tag Preview and Diagnosis tool
Ad/Tag Preview and Diagnosis tool

Internet Advertising Tool to Calculate CPM,CPC/PPC,CPA

What is eCPM ?
The CPM value you get when you convert CPC into CPM is also known as eCPM (effective CPM).Note: eCPM is also shown in Adsense reports, in that case, it is
Total Adsense Revenue /(Impressions/1000)

CPM Formula : (CTA*1000)/Impressions
CPC Formula : (CTA/Clicks)
CTA Formula : (CPM*Impression)/1000
CPA Formula : (CTA)/(Impression*CR*CTR)
CTR Formula : (Click/Impressions)*100
eCPM Formula :(Budget Spent/Impressions)*1000
eCPC Formula :(Total Budget Spent/Clicks)

CTA :Cost To Advertiser


Freewheel Ad Tester- Video- Display Ads

YouTube Video Ad Tester

Chrome Extensions:

Headerbid Expert

If you’re a publisher, you may want to understand how your webpages’ header bidding partners are doing –
1. What’s the latency from each header bidding partner?
2. Do they load asynchronously or are they blocking my pages?
3. Are they all loaded together in parallel?

Alexa Traffic Rank

Alexa Traffic Rank is Alexa Internet’s free extension for Chrome, and is the only extension that includes you in Alexa’s traffic panel. The Alexa extension accompanies you as you surf, providing you with Alexa data about the sites you visit without interrupting your browsing.


Use SimilarWeb’s browser add-on to get in-depth traffic and engagement statistics with a single click.

Google Publisher Toolbar

View data on your AdSense, Ad Exchange, and DoubleClick for Publishers ads and accounts, and block unsuitable ads on your site.


Ghostery’s built-in ad blocker removes advertisements from a webpage to eliminate clutter so you can focus on the content you want.

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