What is Open Bidding and Why it's important ?

Open Bidding Context

Open Bidding was previously known as Exchange bidding. Google changed its name sometime back to make it more relevant.
Open Bidding is an effort from Google to tackle over growing Header bidding solution developed by a group of Ad Tech companies led by AppNexus.

Earlier Google Open Bidding was supported only in Google Ad Manager 360 which is paid version of Google Ad manager,but later due to the simple fact that many Buyers/DSP have shifted their budget from the Google Marketing platform to other platforms such as Pubmatic, Magnite, or Teleria, Recently PubMatic is Selected by GroupM as a Global Preferred SSP Partner
In a similar trend the Trade Desk is using it’s own solutions called “OpenPath” to tackle this issue.


Simple problem with Google Ecosystem is its monopoly over Buying and Selling end plus no transparency in terms of transactions, that is reason why all of these Trading desk or Agencies or SSP trying something new to disrupt the market.

So to provide the benefit of such demand/Direct Campaigns which doesn’t directly belong to the Google ecosystem, google might have decided to make it free for all GAM users. Anyways doesn’t matter as a publisher or network as long as we are getting enough demand and creating healthy competition for our inventory.

I would go with google Open bidding rather than Header Bidding just because it’s very easy and doesn’t involve any development efforts nor does it create dependency on anyone to get it done

Nothing is free in the world So just like Header bidding solution provider Google OpenBidding also take % of the share from the revenue that you are generating via Third Party Partners listed below


Let’s understand Open Bidding Quickly, In Simple Language Open bidding is similar to Header bidding difference is one is created by Google, and the other is created by a Group of Adtech companies and involves code-level changes

Yield Partner Video Partner Supported Formats
Rewarded Instream OutStream Audio
Video Video Video Ads
Ad Generation Yes Yes Yes Yes
EMX Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fluct Yes Yes Yes Yes
Improve Digital Yes Yes Yes Yes
Index Exchange Yes Yes Yes Yes
InMobi Yes Yes No Yes
Magnite Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
MobFox Yes Yes Yes Yes
OneTag Yes Yes Yes Yes
OpenX Yes Yes Yes Yes
OutBrain Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pubmatic Yes Yes Yes Yes
ShareThrough No Yes No Yes
Smaato Yes Yes Yes Yes
Smart Adserver No Yes Yes Yes
Sonobi Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sovrn No Yes Yes Yes
Spotx No Yes Yes Yes
TripleLift Yes Yes Yes Yes
UnfulyX Yes Yes Yes Yes
Verve Group Yes Yes Yes No
YieldMo Yes Yes Yes Yes
YieldOne No Yes Yes Yes
Chocolate Platform No Yes Yes Yes
Telaria No Yes Yes Yes
Yahoo No Yes Yes Yes

Google Open Bidding Vs App Bidding platform Ironsource/Applovin MAX

Google Open Bidding vs App Bidding by IronSource or AppLovin,
If you are planning to use Ironsource/Applovin MAX or any other app bidding partner as the main platform to manage your app inventory then this will be useful to decide whether you should do it or not.

If your main revenue source is Google Admob or Google AdExchange, I would suggest not using Ironsource or applovin at all, The reason being, as you might know, Google has huge demand and will always have a 100% fill rate if eCPM floor is 0, Secondly IronSource or Applovin give the option to Add Google AdExchange or Google AdMob in their Platform but Both of these partners will not be involved in real-time bidding, Which means, selection of Admob Or AdExchange will depend on either Historical eCPM you add in their platform or manual eCPM you have input in their platform. This is the reason why AdExchange or Admob is called No bidding partners, and they replace the CPM that you put there as Auto eCPM or optimized CPM in their platform but in simple language its historical cpm

Google Open Bidding Vs Google Mediation

Google Open Bidding : real-time bidding
Google Mediation : Historical eCPM Data which is considered for bidding,
Google Open Bidding : Doesn’t require any code updation at any level,
Google AdExchange Or Admob Mediation: Add Adapter codes which are basically smaller version of SDK from the respective partners.

Google Open Bidding Partner Support Options

Demand Available Restrictions by Partners

  • Ad Generation: Japan only
  • AerServ: Americas only
  • Improve Digital: Americas and Europe only
  • MobFox: Americas and Europe only
  • Sovrn: Americas and Europe only
  • SpotX: Americas, Europe, Asia, and Japan
  • Telaria: Americas only
  • UnrulyX: Americas and Europe only
  • YieldOne: Japan only

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