Google AdSense , Google AdExchange Google Ads and Google Ad Manager Supported Language List

Google Advertising platform for publisher consist of Google Adsense, Google Ad Mob and Google Ad Exchange.
Google Ad manager which was previously known as DoubleClick For Publisher (DFP) is Adserver provided by Google. Google provide Adserver in two versions. Google Ad Manager (DFP Small Business) and Google Ad Manager 360 (DFP Premium). Know the difference between GAM And GAM 360.
Google Monetization Solution include Adsense, Admob AdExchange. Like always Google have certain policies for publisher in order to be part of their Google Publisher network.
One must full fill those criteria in order to be part of Google monetization solution.
One of the important thing is content Language, If your site content is written in the language which google doesn’t support, Then you can’t monetized your Site content and generate revenue.

Let’s check Language supported by Google for Ad monetization

Google AdSense:

It’s one of the first monetization solution that google provide and its widely used monetization solution.
Every site owner who started generating the Ad revenue must have sign up first for Google Adsense.
Google Adsense run over almost sites that are present on the web and are ready to monetized.
Big chunk of Ad revenue is coming from Google Adsense.
It’s basic first stage Ad revenue generation source which can be utilized by almost all publisher.
Sign up With Google Adsense
P.S. 88% of the Google Adsense application are rejected by google due various Reasons, So make sure your site have unique content and it add value to user.

Google Ad Exchange:

It’s Premium solution of Google which offers High quality and better CPM Ads to user. Google AdExchange Gives more control to Publisher to better monetized publisher Inventory.
You can control CPM, Geo, Advertiser, Buyer using Google AdExchange

Difference between Google AdSense and Google AdExchange
Control of CPM No Control Over the CPM
Advertiser/Buyer/Brand blocking

Lanaguage supported By Google AdExchange


Google Ads Policy for language

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