CPCV – Cost Per Completed View Calculator

Cost Per Completed view another way of buying the inventory that agency used now a days for Video Ads, On CPCV Cost is calculated based on number of seconds video is, How many times the videos is completed

Completed View: When 30 seconds video is viewed by user of all 30 seconds, It’s Called as 1 Completed View.

Formula for CPCV is as below

CPCV= Budget Of Campaign/CV

CV(Completed views)=COST/CPCV

If we consider 60% VTR (View Through Rate)

Impressions= CV*100/60

CPM= Cost*1000/Impressions

Advertising Calculator Including CPCV, CV, CPM and much more


What is CPCV?

Cost Per Completed View pricing model where advertisers pay for a video ad once the user watches a video in its entirety, which helps target high-quality users at a much lower risk for advertisers. Advertisers pay one flat rate for every completed video view, usually after a campaign hits a certain KPI threshold (such as minimum spend).

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