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Difference Between DFP Small Business and DFP Premium?

DoubleClick For Publisher is type of adserver created to help the publisher sell the site inventory to Ad exchanges or run the ads on their site by directly reaching out to advertiser/Agency.

There are two main type of DFP account exist in the market, most of the times beginner get confused which one to choose because one is free and another is paid. If you dont have that much functionality requirement then you might waste money on necessary functionality.

So What is difference between DFP Small business and DFP premium ?  And Which one should Choose ?

DFP Small Business:


DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) Small Business is a free ad management solution that helps growing publishers sell, schedule, deliver, and measure all of their digital ad inventory.

With a simple interface, rich feature set, built-in revenue optimization, and Google powered ad delivery, you’ll be quickly on your way to maximizing the value of your ad impressions.


  •  Cost of Setup : Free , You just need Google Account
  • Minimum Monthly Impression Requirement: NONE
  • Master Companion Setup Support: NO
  • Ad Sense support : YES
  • Ad Exchange Support: NO
  • Line Item Type Hierarchy: Up to 7 Level which include (Sponsorship,Standard etc)
  • Exclusive Ads with Impression Target Support:No











  • No Of Line Item, Creatives,Targeting,Placement Limit: Yes


Total line items
Active line items and creatives with targeting
Line items per order450
Creatives per line item260
Targeted criteria per line item
Active placements
Active key-value pairs
Ad units per placement
Active keys (pre-defined & free-form)
Ad units per exclusion rule


DFP Premium:

Those publisher or publisher network which have inventory in millions and want to sell their inventory directly to advertiser via Programmatic or direct need to use this feature.


  •  Cost of Setup : Depend upon the requirement and feature needed
  • Minimum Monthly Impression Requirement: 90 Million ad impression/Month (This doesnt Include Adx/Adsense)
  • Master Companion Setup Support: Yes
  • Ad Sense support : YES
  • Ad Exchange Support: Yes
  • Line Item Type Hierarchy: More 7 Level which include (Sponsorship,Standard,Adx)
  • Exclusive Ads with Impression Target Support:Yes (Option provided To deliver Minimum Number of Impressions AFAP then it will goes back to normal Standard Delievery )

Contact DFP small business:

To get the DFP premium Account you may need to contact DFP sales team and based on the your requirement pricing may vary.

Contact DFP Premium Sales

Here is the basic pricing model For DFP premium , It may vary based on the requirement and we got this pricing few year back so it will be different since DFP added various functionality. As a reference follow

DFP Premium Pricing 

Fee Scheduled for Traditional ad-serving and related features

CPM Standard Ad impressions (ad Impression/Month)Rate (USD)
0- 90 Millions0
90 Millions – 150 Millions0.0167
150 Millions -200 Millions0.0167
200 Millions – 500 Millions0.014
500 Millions – 1 Billions0.01
1 Billions – 3 Billions0.0075
Greater than 3 Billions0.0065

For additional Requirement such as video ads or Click ads below are the terms and conditions and pricing

  • Video Ads that are uploaded by Company shouldn’t exceed the limit of 30 Mb
  • No Additional Charges will be applied if Company Upload the video on their FTP and provide the link in DFP also No charges will be applied if video ad is serving via Adsense or Ad exchange.
  • Video rates are applied on CPM basis
VideoRate (USD)
0 – 800,0000
 Greater than 800,0000.17

Additional Fees For Click

Clicks/MonthRate (USD)
0 – 300,0000
300,001 – 500,0010.01
Greater Than 500,0010.01
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