Recently I have come across an issue where advertiser to wants to show the ads during specific time of the day.

In DFP the option of Day and time option is avaiable which help schedule the ad during specific time.


However in some cases you will face some error which specifies as below

Suppose You need to schedule the campaign from 11pm to 1am and 3.30 PM to 6PM

What you need to do in this situation is schedule your campaign for 11PM-12AM on one day and continue from 12AM-1AM the next.

Also Additional timing will be from 3.30PM to 6PM.

For example,

Monday:  11pm-12am

Tuesday:  12am-1am

Tuesday:  3.30pm – 6pm

Wednesday:  11pm-12am

Thursday:  12am-1am

Thursday:3.30pm – 6pm

Thursday:  11pm-12am

Friday:  12am-1am

Friday:3.30pm – 6pm

Friday:  11pm-12am

Saturday:  12am-1am

Saturday: 3.30pm – 6pm

Saturday:  11pm-12am


Sunday: 3.30pm-6pm

Sunday: 11pm-12am


To do this, click into the Ad Scheduling module and click on “Running all day” in the Time Period column.

Set your first time slot and click “+Add another time period” to create another one on the same day.


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