Whether your channel is created using SDK or Direct Publisher, using a custom ad server gives you the flexibility to use URL Parameter Macros.

Check The VAST Macros that can be added from Roku End, To Get the inventory inside your Own Server.

Example Of DFP and StreamRail LKQD Server VAST with Roku Macros

This feature allows parameter values to be substituted in ad request and tracking URLs. It allows for dynamic configuration of values that can be used for ad targeting, interaction tracking, and development purposes, or to optimize the ad experience for the user’s device. Examples of the parameters you can use are:ROKU_ADS_LIMIT_TRACKING &ROKU_ADS_TRACKING_ID

Here’s a full list of the available parameters:

URL ParameterDescription
ROKU_ADS_APP_IDIdentifies the client application making the ad request
ROKU_ADS_APP_VERSIONUsed to obtain the application version string
ROKU_ADS_CACHE_BUSTERMakes the URL unique to avoid retrieving cached ad server responses, or to ensure proper counting of unique event tracking beacons
ROKU_ADS_CONTENT_GENREIdentifies the content categorization to allow for ad targeting
ROKU_ADS_CONTENT_IDIdentifies the content to allow for ad targeting
ROKU_ADS_CONTENT_LENGTHImproves ad targeting by providing length of content (in number of seconds)
ROKU_ADS_DISPLAY_HEIGHTHeight of device display
ROKU_ADS_DISPLAY_WIDTHWidth of device display
ROKU_ADS_EXTERNAL_IPExternal IP address of the device
ROKU_ADS_LIB_VERSIONUsed to obtain the RAF library version string
ROKU_ADS_LIMIT_TRACKINGSet to true or false, depending on whether user has limited ad tracking
ROKU_ADS_TIMESTAMPCurrent timestamp value (number of milliseconds elapsed since 00:00:00 1/1/1970 GMT)
ROKU_ADS_TRACKING_IDRIDA value used for device identification
ROKU_ADS_USER_AGENTDevice model and firmware version
ROKU_ADS_KIDS_CONTENTMark ad requests as "directed towards children." This macro is designed to help your channel comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)

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