Top Video Ad Networks for Publishers. Publishers experimenting with new ad formats to earn more revenue may want to consider video ads. Video ad is one of the most engaging ad types.In 2021 YouTube has proven that video ads are here to stay, hence it doesn’t come as a surprise that publishers are increasingly using video ad networks to reach a wider audience and form a connection with the help of creative storytelling. In fact, the industry was said to be worth $36 billion in 2020 and has only grown since, making it a massively growing segment in programmatic as more and more TV dollars are sent this way.

A deliberately positioned video advertisement can make you somewhere in the range of $10 and $25 per 1,000 impressions dependent on the spot, specialty, and other such factors. Notwithstanding, not all video sponsors will make a similar measure of cash. There are various ways advanced distributers, all things considered, can exploit this through producing their own exceptional video content and adapting through automatic interest or through various accomplices that will really give the video substance and adaptation for you so you defeat video without putting resources into making it.


Indeed, even with the issues like meddling, video advertisements are as yet advancing toward the publicizing. If you’re a devotee of video advertisements, there is no rejecting that when utilized effectively, these promotions can give a considerable lift in income. Subsequently, the promotion business needs some great promotion organizations to coordinate distributers keen on video promotions with sponsors willing to send video creatives.

Here some of the best video ad networks publishers can compare and choose from

  • facebook-audience
    Facebook Audience Network
    Publishers can join the company’s in-stream video ads system and use their original content. Since most FB users are on mobile, it’s best suitable for mobile video ad inventory. You can opt for mid-roll or pre-roll ads with FAN. The platform does not presently support post-roll demands. While it’s a great option for video ad format, remember that CPMs depend on a variety of factors including bid density and location. Moreover, you’ll have to configure SSP or ad server to deliver video ads.
  • primis Primis Primis is the original Video Discovery platform built to increase revenue for publishers by helping their users discover high-quality video content. Their Video Discovery technology is used by 100s of digital publishers across the world, empowering 300M uniques with an engagement-based video experience that recommends video content they love, automatically skipping content they don’t interact with. On a monthly basis, Primis makes 4.8B recommendations of 3.4M pieces of content, across 30 verticals leading to the monetization of over 4.5B video impressions. Part of IPG and Universal McCann, Primis holds itself accountable to the highest industry standards in digital advertising.
  • Viewdeosbr />
    Viewdeos is another video ad platform that concentrates on native video advertising. It’s best known for monetizing short-form videos to increase saleable inventory and grow revenues. The company emphasizes user experience and offers several video ad formats. The platform uses unique testing tools to quality text videos to ensure the best user experience is delivered to the end-user. The algorithm is quite reliable. It carefully monitors the best performing ad to ensure relevancy.
  • openx OpenX
    Here’s a video ad network that is available across all major video ad servers, video players, and integrations including VAST tags, header bidding, and OpenRTB maximizing inventory value via open auctions and private marketplaces. It has also proven to be a good option in Over-the-top (OTT) media services i.e. Netflix and can run both outstream and in-stream ads. In-content and in-content sticky are some of the top supported formats. This video ads platform is suitable for users who have access to a good amount of video content since it lacks a syndication service. While it’s a major con, on the positive side, it has more than 50 demand-side partners. Plus, it offers a bunch of campaign optimization and custom targeting tools.
  • magnite-rubicon-project Magnite< Magnite (previously known as both Rubicon Project & Telaria prior to the merger) is a reliable source, serving over 65% of the global comScore 300 publishers including big names like CNN, Bloomberg, ESPN, and The Economist. It is known as a curated programmatic advertising marketplace with a global demand of more than 1 billion daily video ad requests. Very few ad networks enjoy the kind of reputation and recognition that the Rubicon video ad network does. The merger brings together Telaria’s strong connected TV and video management operations with Rubicon’s big programmatic desktop/mobile advertising. Unlike some other options out there, this one serves all kinds of users including mobile and desktop users. You will find different video formats on this network. Plus, it provides information in real time and can be a good option to keep an eye on how campaigns are performing at any given time. The platform also uses the latest video ads technology including AI to improve the delivery of rich media. Publishers who used Teads are said to earn more revenue than publishers who use other ad networks, however, we do not have figures to test the claim. It has enabled video header bidding, which can be used as a tool to increase competition and generate more revenue via video content. More information will be provided as the merged entity further expands its capabilities and operations
  • selectmedia-asia SelectMedia
    If you’re looking for a top video ad network in Asia then your search ends here. This international ad system is best suited for Asian publishers and brands. You will find a variety of formats here including slider playlist, in-content, bottom sticky, and overlay. The network runs outstream ads and offers a bunch of reliable and user-friendly yield optimization tools to enhance revenue. On the negative side, SelectMedia doesn’t offer very high CPMs for video ads since the auction occurs on open exchanges. Plus, unlike some other options out there, this one doesn’t let users make use of first-party data.
  • Unruly-logo_blkyell Unruly
    Joining the platform will give you access to every major DSP and trading desk, in addition to 95% of top brands found in the AdAge 100. This isn’t like other options out there because Unruly does not require publishers to have video content to monetize with video ads since a large number of ad units on the platform are displayed within the content. However, if there are options for video content in the form of in-stream and other video ad formats. What makes this an incredible option is the impressive onboarding process. It follows IAB Tech Lab’s LEAN Principles and the standards set by the Coalition for Better Ads and offers dedicated account management for ease of use. You will be able to keep an eye on your video ad content in real time to know how ads are performing. Very few video ads companies offer such services.
  • SpotX
    Offering one of the most advanced publisher solutions on the market today. SpotX offers multi-currency reporting, creative reviews, price floor optimization, blocking, and bid activity reporting for publishers. SpotX is an advanced network that offers CPMs as high as $10. The company serves over 2.5 billion video ads every month with over 1,000 publishers in their network. Model: CPM
    Reporting: Real-time
    Geography: Worldwide
    Payment Method: Check, Net60
    Minimum Traffic: N/A
  • Exponential Exponential
    Exponential allows publishers to utilize the company’s technology to offer in-stream, multi-device campaigns to your current advertisers. The company also allows publishers with video content to utilize their content by luring in premium brand advertisements. As a publisher, you’ll be able to monetize your inventory with a variety of creative formats. Support and consulting is also available to help you make the most of your video content. Model: CPM
    Reporting: Real-time
    Geography: US
    Payment Method: Wire and Check, Net90
    Minimum Traffic: N/A

  • Teads
    Teads is a Global Media Platform to access the world’s best publishers to distribute ads. It reduces tech friction, drives guaranteed outcomes, and increase scale. It offers innovative outstream video advertising solutions that sit within premium editorial content and run across all devices. Teads Studio is an interactive creative and data platform helping advertisers create beautiful, data-powered, interactive video and display ads. The Teads ad manager empowers advertisers with the world’s only cost-per-completed-view (CPCV) programmatic buying platform. Its end-to-end platform delivers full-funnel, outcome-oriented advertising powered by cutting-edge creative technology and AI-driven optimization.
    Reporting: Real-time
    Geography: US
    Payment Method: Wire and Check, Net90
    Minimum Traffic: N/A
  • FreeWheel
    The most premium TV marketplace for buyers and sellers, FreeWheel combines the targeting and measurement of digital with the scale and quality of linear TV. We use technology, data, and premium inventory to enable buyers and sellers to transact across all screens, data types, and sales channels to achieve one thing:
    results for marketers.

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