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VAST-VPAID Test Ad Tag Example

Most of the times we stuck in the situation where we want to test the video player configuration with vast tag. We want to make sure that Video Player that we are using is compatible to run most of the VAST tags present in the market from different third party.

Though IAB have made generalise guidelines for the player developers called as VPAID (Video Player Ad Interface Design), Still from Ad operation perceptive we want to make sure that the ad that we are trying to run is compatible to run on our players.

Sample ad tags from various ad networks, that should be geographically unrestricted and work fine with Players.  Below you will find the individual ad tags, always along with an example video.

You can check all of the vast tag in various VAST Ad Tag tester, Few of the them are listed in my other article

VAST-VPaid-Video Ads Inspector

Google IMA Sample Tags

Use the following tags to test your IMA implementation on HTML5 player, Its provided by Google and will work on player which are IMA SDK integrated. IMA SDK integration of the player is most important in case

  1. Running Google Adx Demands
  2. Running DFP Campaign and track the impressions/clicks Correctly.
  3. Record Correct numbers for Viewability
  4. Send the Additional Information such as video content type, Page url, Publisher details etc to Buyers/Bidders in Ad Exchange

For More VAST IMA Tag Example Visit 

Spotx Test Tag Example

  • Spotx Sample Connected TV VAST Tag for Testing – MP4 Ads Only
  • Spotx Sample Mobile Application VAST Macros Tag for Testing
  • Spotx Sample Mobile Web Tag for Testing


MediaMath VAST Tag

FreeWheel Video – VAST Test Tag

Youtube VAST Video Ad Example

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