Top 10 Header Bidding Extension For Chrome (1)

Header bidding is latest technology and its been around since years now ,Most of the publisher are already onboarded with Header bidding or trying to start with Header bidding.Header Bidding Extensions help you to troubleshoot Header Bidding Issues

Before Directly Jumping on troubleshooting, Lets just quickly recap about Header bidding

What is Header Bidding

Header bidding is all in one Auction technology which enable publisher to connect all demand partners at single source.
Header bidding help All demand partner equal opportunity to bid on the inventory.
Header bidding avoid wastage of inventory which was happening with Waterfall model.

Top 10 Header Bidding Extensions For Troubleshooting Header bidding Issues

It’s Simple straightforward procedure to start with Header bidding only for those who went through all the documentation available on

However Most of companies that are currently providing the header bidding solution are based on and they make Header bidding integration much simpler and easy to use

Since Header bidding is built on, In order to troubleshoot the issue related to header bidding, various guidelines are provided by prebid, which you can check in my another article Prebid Js Troubleshooting – AdTagMacros

I have personally worked with few of the Header bidding solution providers and also Tried creating own Header bidding setup, Based on troubleshooting the header bidding solution

Below are my Top 10 Header Bidding Chrome Extensions to troubleshoot Header bidding on Desktop and Mobile Web.

Headerbid Expert


Header Bidding Expert extension is developed by appnexus, It’s very basic yet very powerful extension.
On this is one the extension that is recommended.
Help to understand how your webpages’ header bidding partners are doing –

  • What’s the latency from each header bidding partner?
  • Do they load asynchronously or are they blocking my pages?
  • Are they all loaded together in parallel?

BidFilter Header Bidding Analysis

BidFilter Header Bidding Analysis

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Adwizard By Publift

Adwizard By Publift

Publift is one of the top Header bidding solution provider present currently in the market. I have been working with them since year and overall their support and system is very flexible to work with.

AdWizard is chrome extension provided by Publift which can work smoothyl with no only Site which are integrated with Publift but also with any other HB solution.

AdWizard_Publift_Header_Bidding Header Bidding Ad Inspector

Bidscape Header Bidding

Bidscape analyzes header bidding requests to help publishers with setup and to show users how much money their browsing is worth. Header Bidding Ad Inspector is a display advertising inspection tool. It integrates with Google Ad Manager’s googletag,’s header bidding pbjs, and Amazon AUM’s header bidding apstag in order to help adops professionals with ad setup and debugging.

You can see detailed targeting parameters, all the bids from amazon and prebid auctions, winners, rendered ads, and viewability percentages to make sure that the correct ads are rendering on each of your pages and that that viewability stays high. Supports refreshing ads and infinite scroll.

Automatad Blaze


Improve Ad monetization of your existing ad units
AXT (Active Exposure time) technology measures AXT against all of your existing ad units on the page and based on the user activity, Once AXT hits the preset threshold value, it recreates and monetizes a new ad in the exact same placement helping you get best out of your ad inventory.

To learn more, contact us at [email protected].



MyAdPrice will tell you how much advertisers are willing to pay to show you their ads.
Find out what ad revenue websites make from your visits. Compare it to other users.

MyAdPrice uses JavaScript to keep track of ad slots on websites you visit. It tells you the sizes of the ad slots, the bids that different advertisers made to show you their ads, which bid won, and how much revenue the website generated off your visit.

MyAdPrice stores the bulk of this data on your computer, locally. It does not send any identifiable, private data to our servers. To learn more, please see our usage terms at


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