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Setting Up AdX Programmatic Native In Google Ad Manager

While traditional banner ads have a static creative from start to finish, native is flexible and can provide a beautiful, relevant, effective ad in any situation and on any device.


How to create native ads

There are three types of Native Ads you can created inside Google Ad Manager 

Guided design editor

  • AdX auction and direct sold
  • Quickly build and style your native ad with our easy-to-use editor.
  • The Guided design editor has simple UI controls that walk you through building and styling a native ad without the need to write code. Optionally, you can edit the CSS to customize your ad to a great degree. You can select fluid or commonly used fixed sizes. The resulting native creatives can serve on web or mobile app.

HTML & CSS editor

  • Fully manual control over the content and styling of your native ad using HTML & CSS.
  • Direct sold only

Android and iOS app code

  • The App code option allows you to style the native ad directly in Android or iOS app code. This is a good choice for sophisticated app developers who want full control of their rendering in apps. The resulting native creatives can serve as direct-sold ads; contact your account manager to join the beta for AdX auction eligibility.
  • AdX auction and direct sold

Global Adx Demand Connected To Native Ads

  • Click to the Guided design editor
  • Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  • Click Delivery and then Native
  • Click Create native ad.
  • Click Select in the “Guided design editor” box.
  • Under “Choose your path,” select one of the following:
  • Customizable for in-feed (default): (AdX auction and direct sold) Use this option for in-feed native ads. You use UI controls to build and style a native ad that closely matches the look and feel of your content and blends in with your feed. If you select this option, follow the instructions below.
  • Google-designed for in-article (Beta): (AdX auction only) Use this option for ads that won’t appear inside feeds; these ads work best in an article or outside the main content area. Google chooses the ad design, you can update the font and color, and you’ll be serving native ads quickly.

Global ADx Display Line Item Changes

  • Add Native As Ad size in the Line item
  • Select the automatically created creative option
  • or Add the Native Format inside exisiting Creative Sizes.


Native Ad UX Best Practices

Native Ads Google Ad Manager (DFP)

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