Display viewable impression

  • At least 50% or more of the pixels were in an in-focus tab on the viewable space on the browser page for at least one continuous second, post ad renders
  • For large sized display ads: 30% or more of the pixels
  • For expandable rich media: it can be based on pixel count of smaller initial tag format or larger, expandable format (needs to be disclosed to the user)

Preroll Video viewable impression
A video ad is deemed viewable if 50% of the ad is visible on a user’s screen for at least two consecutive seconds

MRC accredited viewable impression vendors:
Viewable Display:
AdYapper, Alenty, Chartbeat, comScore vCE Validation, GLAM Media, Google Active View, DoubleVerify (ViewAssure), Integral Ad Science, Moat, RealVu, Sizmek, Spider. I, WebSpectator for Publishers, Yahoo! APT 

Viewable Video:
Moat, Telemetry, Videology 

Components of In View:

The measurement of a viewable impressions considers:

  • Quality of affiliate
  • Quality of URL
  • Tile (placement of ad on page)
  • User behavior
MRC Viewable Ad Impression Measurement Guidelines
To provide guidance for the measurement of viewable impressions that supplements existing IAB Measurement Guidelines for display advertising and digital video advertising.

  • Ad Centric: Relies on counts generated from an ad server’s systems. !!!
  • Site Centric: Relies on counts generated from a web property’s systems.
  • User Centric: Relies on counts derived in some fashion based on the activity of internet users.
  • http://www.mediaratingcouncil.org/Digital%20Landscape.pdf
Source :IAB,MRC

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