Where all are getting excited about iOS 9 launched on september 16 ,There isn’t much excited news for Digital Advertiser/Publishers.

Recently Flash is disabled by Chrome by default which is officially rollout on 1 September however Firefox disable flash for all version and waiting for Adobe to come up with patch.

Flash and HTML5 Due to this all advertiser are demanding the HTML5 built creatives.

While Digital Advertising industry acclimatizing these new changes Another impacting change that will come up soon is iOS 9 Blocker extension
What is  iOS 9’s  New Content Blockers ?

Mobile advertising is a big business globally. Mobile advertisers and online publishers fear that content blocking in iOS 9 may pose a threat to their business. 

There are millions of iPhones and iPad being used in the market. If these iPhone and iPad owners activate ad blocking then it will generate less revenue to online advertising companies.

Just to clarify its not just ad blocker, this extension will block things like advertisements, trackers, scripts and other content that can slow down the loading of web pages.

While this is good news for users which will not only block ads but also it will protect their privacy,save money on data plans.

Image Source:thenextweb

Content blocker will help in webpage load time ,It will only allow content which is not tracker/advertisement and is related to content user intend to read.

Content Blocker will first have to install a content-blocking extension by way of a mobile app download from the iTunes App Store.

Only alternative is native ads or something that can not be blocked by this extension.
Apple Safari 9 Official Release


Image Source:ambergreeninternetmarketing

Content blocker also affect user analysis/marketing tools such as Google Analytics, Parsely, Chartbeat, Intercom, Optimizely and more from operating on websites,

There are currently some content blockers which are in early development like Crystal and Purify which are emerging as content blocker.

Winter Is Coming for AdOps unless someone can find a way around the wall to keep these tools functioning — everyone may be working blind very soon.

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