As Digital Advertising industry emerging strongly flash-based ads are getting outdated.

As we have discussed the disadvantages of Flash in my previous Article

There are many factors that can affect any ad if we built the creative in Flash.

Due to its security and lack of ability to adapt/responsive nature HTML5 become next thing.

With Google Chrome latest version where they will disable the flash by default and Firefox discontinuing its support for flash It’s become necessary steps for Ad industry and third-party creative agency to start creating the ads in HTML5.

How to check if creative are built-in HTML5 or Flash ?
Here is the simple step to check
In Firefox:
  • Go to Firefox browser >>Paste this about:add ons
  • Select Plugins section
  • Check for Shockwave Flash and select it as "Never Activate"
  • Once you do that now try to preview the creative.
  • If creative is not previewing or showing backup image it means Ad is built-in Flash and not in HTML5.
 If you are able to preview it then its HTML5 built creative.
In chrome: 
  • Type chrome: plugins in the address bar to open the Plug-ins page.
  • On the Plug-ins page that appears, find the "Flash" listing.
  • Disable Adobe Flash Player completely; click the Disable link under its name.
If creative preview then its HTML5

Free HTML5 Creative built tools

There is plenty of option available to creative HTML5 creative or convert the flash creative into HTML5.
  • Swiffy
  •  It’s simple Flash to HTML5 converter that helps make SWF files available to a larger audience.
  • Google Swiffy is a web-based tool developed by Google that converts SWF files to HTML5. Its main goal is to display Flash contents on devices that do not support Flash, such as iPhone, iPad, and Android Tablets.
  • It support SWF10, AS2.0, AS3.0

Converts Flash To HTML5 With Adobe Wallaby

Adobe Download  Flash extension Wallaby
  • Install the Adobe Extension Manager
  • You'll need to have the Adobe Extension Manager installed to add the Google Swiffy extension.
  • Download and open the Google Swiffy Extension
  • Opening the Google Swiffy Extension (MXP file) will launch the Adobe Extension Manager, and give you options to install it. Export as HTML5
  • Once your project is ready for export, you can use the new "Export as HTML5 (Swiffy)" menu item in the "Commands" menu. Swiffy will convert your file and open it in a new browser window using your default browser. You can assign a keyboard shortcut to make exporting easier.View the Output panel
The Output panel will show you information about the conversion process, including features that are not supported by Swiffy.
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  • Use Flabaco (Flash Banner Converter) beta to convert Flash content to HTML5 video. This makes your website's rich media content viewable on non-flash devices such as the iPad and iPhone.
  • Users don't require plugins in order to view the converted flash media and it works seamlessly from your website
  • All you need to do is submit a Swf file for conversion, and embed the converted video files into your website.

 Flash to HTML5 Online

·        Flash to HTML5 Online easily converts SWF to HTML5 animation, which enables you to play Flash movie in HTML5 compatible browsers that without Flash Player installed.
 Therefore, you can put the converted HTML5 animation on your website, and let visitors enjoy it normally on PC, iPad, iPhone and other devices that support HTML5.
Compatibility: It supports converting SWF files under Flash 6. Sound, Video, Button and ActionScript 2.0/3.0 are not supported temporarily (will be supported in the coming new version). To best play the converted HTML5 animation, please use the online service with HTML5 compatible 
browsers: IE9+, Chrome11+, Firefox5+, Safari4+.

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