What is Adserver ? (Skip If you already Know it)

A technology used by an advertiser, publisher or an ad agency to store, manage, and distribute the advertisements in desktop and mobile website and application is called an ad server.

The ad server allows the advertisers to upload various ad creatives and to optimize the campaign by adding targeting parameters and additional functionalities.

The publisher can add and manage multiple ad zones and would earn revenue for every impression, click, and lead made on the advertisement. (ref Djax)

Working of Adserver ?

Let’s assume that you owned the site, Which is hosted on the Webserver, All assets of your sites are present on the webserver.

Now You have added some code from Adserver on your site, Specifically where you want to see the ads.

When user load your page, all of the Website related assets will be loaded from Webserver and Similarly request will be made to adserver to serve the assets in Adsever Case it’s Ads.

Once Adserver receive the request, It will perform the operation and select ad that will going to show on the page. (There is lots of process involved in Ad selection.. Let’s just understand simpler).

Response is recevied and Ad will start Showing up on the page,All statical things will be recorded at Adserver. Recording activity such as impressions,clicks etc will depend on adserver logic and it will differ server to server.


List Of Ad Server 

Most of the adservers are now providing features of connecting the Demands from their open market place. Since everything is moving toward the Programmatic. SSP-DSP Solutions are offerred by some of the partners listed below.

Adserver Pricing Comparison

Company Website Demo Trial 2M 10M 50M 100M
Revive revive-adserver.com no no FreeFreeFreeFree
AdGlare adglare.com yes yes $0.025$0.016$0.013
Rontar rontar.com no no $0.030$0.030$0.030$0.030
AdButler adbutler.com no no $0.080$0.034$0.020$0.015
AdSpeed adspeed.com yes yes $0.085$0.035$0.020
Epom epom.com yes no $0.053$0.036$0.021$0.018
Adspirit adspirit.com yes no $0.048$0.045$0.019$0.018
AdvertServe advertserve.com no no $0.100$0.048$0.030$0.020
AvidAdserver avidadserver.com yes no $0.050$0.060$0.050
AdZerk adzerk.com no no $0.100$0.020$0.020

Ad Server Demo Videos

If you want in detailed review of each Server, Please check the below references:


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