Interstitial ads are ads that display in the middle of the screen. They are closely related to the pop-up. However, Running Interstitial ads via DFP and that too via out of the page or 1×1 ad unit is a tedious task for the publisher.

Intially To run the interstitial ads via out of page requires the DFP tag should be of Sync type, However with current changes where Sync tag type will be no longer functional. It’s bit difficult to run the ads.

In general, Running ads via out of the page or 1×1 DFP ad unit requires dev knowledge when we are trying to serve third party creative as Interstitial Ad. If you have image and tracker assets with you then, using DFP Built-in system Defined template it can be achieved.

Problem with Out of page or 1×1 DFP Ad unit is , when creative loads on the page, it take the height and widht as a 1px which is why we are able to get the calls on the page but creative is not visible.

Technically this problem can be solved if we override the height and width of the iframe that is serving our Creative Code. It easy to say but I personally found very hard since most of the Campaign Manager or Ad trafficker are not that much technical.

So here is one of the simplest solution I have found out

Steps To Run Interstitial Ads via out of Page or 1×1 DFP Ad unit : Code Implementation

  • Create the 1×1 Ad units in DFP, Add the size 1×1,
To Run Interstitial Ads via out of Page or 1x1 DFP Ad unit
  • In Next Step, Pull the Ad unit Passback Tag and directly Add on the page.

Line Item Setup For Interstitial via 1×1

  • Create the 1×1 line item in DFP
  • Target the newly created Ad unit
  • Upload the Creative provided by client as a custom Creative and overide the size if any other present.

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