Videos have repeatedly shown that they have much larger organic reach and engagement than other forms of content. People are watching more than 100 million hours of video on Facebook every day, and you can tap into this market with your own videos.

Right now, Facebook video views are among the most cost effective forms of social advertising. Facebook is on a mission to dethrone YouTube as the video king, and in its quest to own your marketing dollars, it is offering some awesome incentives. Which is to say, they’ve created a platform for video ads that is extremely affordable.

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VAST Macros in Supply And Demand

Below are the macros that are useful while trafficking any VAST or VPAID URL in any adserver or player

DFP Video Macros

Macros are special strings in a creative’s code snippet that DFP later replaces with another value based on a creative’s settings. Macros can be included in any code that’s processed by the ad server during the delivery process: third-party or custom creative code, DoubleClick Rich Media code, click-through URLs, or DFP tags.
For each macro, DFP have provided suggestions on how you might use it, but macros can be put to whatever uses are most valuable for you.

Note that the macros %%HEIGHT%% and %%WIDTH%% will cause problem while saving the VAST or VPAID tag provided by the client.
By Default, If the player is IMA SDK integrated, It can detect player dimension. However In Case if we have to used it anyhow,

Two Options are there
1) Hard Coding the player dimension so that the creative will get saved inside DFP.
2)vJust replace the % present in height and width with %25, It will allow you to save as shown below
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JW Player Ad Tag Targeting Macros

Many VAST servers use “tag variables” to optimize fill and provide more information on how ads are being viewed. JW Player supports a number of variables that can be added to your VAST tag URL. Once an ad call is made by JW Player, the variables will be replaced accordingly.
upported Ad Tag Variables in VAST
The ID of the companion div, for example to allow VPAID ads to talk to companions.
The domain name the player is embedded on.
The height of the video player on the page in pixels.
The width of the video player on the page in pixels.

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Spotx Video Ads Macros

A list of popular third party macros can be found in the SpotX Macros Guide. When the appropriate parameters are replaced, the sample tags below should return a test ad 100% of the time.

AdOcean VAST Video Macros

    Opening Bracket %%TIMESTAMP%% >
    Opening Bracket %%REDIR%% >
    Opening Bracket %%TARGET_URL%%>
    Opening Bracket %%PROTO%%>

Thirdpresence VAST Video Macros

    [TIMESTAMP] or [CACHEBUSTING] or [CACHE_BREAKER] :A timestamp value for cache busting.
    [DOMAIN] :The domain part from the publisher URL.
    [PUBLISHER] : The publisher name or URL. Use this for page URL.
    [SITE] :The site name or URL.
    [WIDTH] [HEIGHT] : The placement width & height
    [APPNAME] : The name of the application
    [GEO_LAT] [GEO_LON] : The current geo latitude of the device
    [COUNTRY]: Country

Brid.TV Ad Tag URL Macros

  • [referrer_url] – Will replace with the referrer URL
  • [page_url] – Will replace with the page URL
  • [description_url] – Will be replaced with the description URL which should tipically be the same as the referrer URL
  • [video_title] – Will replace with the title of the video
  • [description] – Will be replaced with the video’s description
  • [video_duration] – Will replace with the video duration in seconds
  • [video_id] – Will replace with the ID of the video
  • [timestamp] – Use as a cachebuster
  • [player_width] – Will return the player’s width in pixels
  • [player_height] – Will return the player’s height in pixels
  • [autoplay] – Will return 1 or 0 depending on if the player autoplays or not
  • [mediafile_url] – Will be replaced with the full URL to the video file
  • [user_agent] – Will be replaced with the browser user agent
  • [user_ip] – Will be replaced with the IP address of the viewer (premium plans only)
  • [latitude] – Will be replaced with a viewers Geo latitude value (premium plans only)
  • [longitude] – Will be replaced with a viewers Geo longitude value (premium plans only)
  • [viewability] – Will return 1 or 0 depending on if the player is in view when your ad tag gets called
  • [dnt] – A do not tack macro. Will return 0 or 1 depending on user.
  • [gdpr] – A flag for European Union traffic consenting to advertising.
  • [consent] – A consent string passed from various Consent Management Platforms (CMP’s).

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