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Ad Tag Macros Insertion Guide – Version 4 ( Ad Slvr,Yield Manager,PROJECT SUNBLOCK, OPENX, APPNEXUS,ADSHUFFLE)

As Technology Changes, Many New Third Party Vendors Are Providing Creative Tags For Ads. It’s Very Important To Understand The Macros (Cache Buster/Click Tracker Implementation) So That No Discrepancy Will Occur In The Campaign. This Post Will Guide You All For Macros Implementation For Adslvr,Yield Manager,Project Sunblock, Openx, Appnexus,Adshuffle 

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Standard Display Ad Sizes

Online digital advertisement which is also known as internet advertisement considered as most effective medium of advertisement. Nowadays the global share of digital advertisement is increasing rapidly. As per report shared on $121Billion which is 23 % of total ad spends which clearly signify the importance of digital advertisement.    So what are the […]

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