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Programmatic Advertising Glossary

Programmatic refers to the automated buying and selling of digital advertising. Buyer and seller software align to create a diverse marketplace. At its most basic, publishers use supply-side platform (SSP) to put their ads up for sale, and advertisers buy those impressions by utilizing a demand-side platform (DSP). This is similar to online marketplaces — […]

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How To Make Responsive Ads in DFP

Why You Need Responsive Ads units ? So you have the responsive site and You have created the DFP ad units. You are running the Direct Campaign or Adsense/Adx display ads. Now you have the campaign to run on Desktop/Tablet/Mobile, Client have provided the assets. But when you have setup the campaign with all the […]

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What is MRAID and How It Works for In-App Rich Media Advertising

MRAID stand for “Mobile Rich Media Ad Interface Definitions”,its common API (Application Programming Interface) which allow to show the mobile ads inside App. It’s a protocol that ad designers and ad developers use to develop ads capable of interacting with an MRAID-compliant app. Without MRAID, ad developers would have to design interactive ads specifically for […]

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DFP Troubleshooting

There are few methods with which we can Troubleshoot the Any Line item Under delivery, Creative Preview, Ad request wastage issue in DFP, DFP by default provides few solution to check the issue with ads. But we should be aware of below methods which help any ad trafficker to resolve any kind of issue Method […]

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How To Fix Clicktag Issue in HTML5 ads

Last year, Chrome and Firefox which cover almost all of the browser users, declared that they will block flash content serving on on the website to reduce the vulnerability and memory usage. Though IAB proposed HTML5 way back to that Advertisement industry move toward the use of the HTML. You can check the difference in […]

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Difference Between DFP Small Business and DFP Premium?

DoubleClick For Publisher is type of adserver created to help the publisher sell the site inventory to Ad exchanges or run the ads on their site by directly reaching out to advertiser/Agency. There are two main type of DFP account exist in the market, most of the times beginner get confused which one to choose […]

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Thank You Everyone

On the eve of Thanksgiving, I would like to take some time to thank all who have touched one aspect or the other in my professional and personal life. This years Thanksgiving is very special for numerous reasons. It’s been a Roller Coasters ride with sense of fear, adventure, fun and lots of learning. Too […]

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