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Video Ad Macros Insertion Guide -Ad Tag Macros

Videos have repeatedly shown that they have much larger organic reach and engagement than other forms of content. People are watching more than 100 million hours of video on Facebook every day, and you can tap into this market with your own videos. Right now, Facebook video views are among the most cost effective forms […]

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How Hard Is It To Learn New Things?

Being an avid reader of technology articles and latest trends in the current advertising industry, I Personally tried to invest at least few hours of the week on learning new things. It’s not a deliberate effort to learn but during the course of working I found my self in the situation where I think “I […]

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VAST Video Errors Codes

Code Description 100 :- XML parsing error. 101 :-VAST schema validation error. 102 :-VAST version of response not supported. 200 :-Trafficking error. Video player received an Ad type that it was not expecting and/or cannot display. 201 :-Video player expecting different linearity. 202 :-Video player expecting different duration. 203 :-Video player expecting different size. 300 […]

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VAST Macros in Supply And Demand

As Video Advertising market is growing exponentially, particularly where most of the Video Adverting is handled Programmatically, Its very important to implement the tag along with correct macros, One single mistake in macros insertions and you loose the potential money. Few of the inventory reselling Programmatic platform are LKQD,Optimatic,Verta,Cedato,Streamrail,AOL,OpenX etc. What is Programmatic Video Inventory […]

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What Is Ads.txt ? How to Implement for AdSense, Adx and Others ?

What is Ads.txt ? It’s just file that needs to be hosted on the publisher Sites/App, Which will let the buyer know that inventory is coming from the Direct publisher or Reseller and Who is authorized to sell the inventory of the publisher. Video Reference SmartAdserver Create an ads.txt File Publishers put their inventory upon […]

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DFP Publisher University : Getting Started with DFP Video

Lesson 1:Introduction 1 Lesson 2: Introduction 2 Lesson 3: Fallbacks Lesson 3:Content Ingestion Lesson 4:Ad Rules Lesson 5:Video Ad Tags Lesson 6:Troubleshoot Video Lesson 7:VAST XMLs Lesson 8:VMAP XMLs Questions: Which of the following is not one of the major categories of video ad? Linear Companion *Leaderboard Non-linear […]

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