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VAST Macros in Supply And Demand

As Video Advertising market is growing exponentially, particularly where most of the Video Adverting is handled Programmatically, Its very important to implement the tag along with correct macros, One single mistake in macros insertions and you loose the potential money. Few of the inventory reselling Programmatic platform are LKQD,Optimatic,Verta,Cedato,Streamrail,AOL,OpenX etc. What is Programmatic Video Inventory […]

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What is MRAID and How It Works for In-App Rich Media Advertising

MRAID stand for “Mobile Rich Media Ad Interface Definitions”,its common API (Application Programming Interface) which allow to show the mobile ads inside App. It’s a protocol that ad designers and ad developers use to develop ads capable of interacting with an MRAID-compliant app. Without MRAID, ad developers would have to design interactive ads specifically for […]

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DFP Troubleshooting

There are few methods with which we can Troubleshoot the Any Line item Under delivery, Creative Preview, Ad request wastage issue in DFP, DFP by default provides few solution to check the issue with ads. But we should be aware of below methods which help any ad trafficker to resolve any kind of issue Method […]

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