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Ad Ops Terminology A to Z

Acquisition: When a user signs up, makes a purchase, or performs some other desired action in response to an ad. Also called a conversion or action. Ad Agency: A company that provides services such as planning, creating, and buying, and tracking advertisements and ad campaigns on behalf of a client. Ad Call: A user’s browser […]

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Resolving 3rd Party Discrepancies

WHAT ARE DISCREPANCIES ? As a standard practice in interactive advertising, advertisers and publishers maintain independent ad servers to manage their campaigns. There are many different reasons why discrepancies occur. For example, counting methodologies can differ between parties, as each party can potentially count an impression at a slightly different point in the delivery of […]

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What is safe Frame or Safe Frame Container ?

What is safe Frame ? SafeFrame’s open line of communication between webpage code and the ad content has several key benefits, including: Support for Viewability and other Industry Initiatives Consumer Protection Publisher Control Publisher Efficiency Standardized Advertiser Layouts While SafeFrame 1.0 is a leap forward in digital technology, its benefits will not be fully realized […]

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