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Evolution Of VAST Over The years & Key Difference Between Its Versions Such As VAST 2.0, VAST 3.0 & VAST 4.0

Over the years , Online advertising is moving from display to video , And Video ad spending is increasing.As per recent report from eMarketer Digital Video Advertising to Grow at Annual Double-Digit Rates US digital video ad spending will continue to grow at a pace that exceeds TV advertising growth through 2020. – See more There […]

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Ad Tag Macros Insertion Guide – Version 4 ( Ad Slvr,Yield Manager,PROJECT SUNBLOCK, OPENX, APPNEXUS,ADSHUFFLE)

As Technology Changes, Many New Third Party Vendors Are Providing Creative Tags For Ads. It’s Very Important To Understand The Macros (Cache Buster/Click Tracker Implementation) So That No Discrepancy Will Occur In The Campaign. This Post Will Guide You All For Macros Implementation For Adslvr,Yield Manager,Project Sunblock, Openx, Appnexus,Adshuffle 

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