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Every Ad trafficker should have-Tools For Advertising QA Testing

1.Snagit Image and Video Screen Capture Sometimes words aren’t enough. Use images and videos to show people exactly what you’re seeing. Snagit gives you an easy way to quickly provide better feedback, create clear documentation, and change the way you work together. Download Link 2.HttpWatch HttpWatch is an HTTP sniffer for IE, Firefox, iPhone & iPad that provides new […]

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HTTP Status Codes and Errors

3. HTTP Status Codes and Errors An HTTP request can fail because of a network error or because of problems encountered while the request is executing on the web server. 3.1 Network Errors If a network error occurs while transmitting a request message, error information is available from the underlying network component; e.g. Windows Sockets […]

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Online Advertisement Macros Insertion Guide For Adfarm, AdForm, AdPer, Adserpub, Adsprit, Betrad,,DIMESTORE, Inskin media, Piximedia, Smartadserver,Triple Lift,Vdopia,DoubleClick,Pointroll,DoubleVerify

In Digital Advertisement, Ad Tags Are Very Important But As A Ad Trafficker Each Time Some Questions That We Never Stop Asking To Google “Where Do I Insert Click Macro?”, “How To Insert Macros In Tags?. So Macros Insertion Is Very Important Step Because If We Incorrectly Implement The Macros, That Will Definitely Lead To […]

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