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How adserver is different than Webserver?

How ad server is different than Webserver? 
In simple language, we can say that Adserver is used to host the ads however Webserver is used to host the website.
For any sites, all is content image,video, text and other website files like CSS which is used for designing HTML which will show the content along with designing. Javascript or PHP which will perform the functionality of the site. 
Why we need adserver if we have Webserver to host everything?
Most of the sites doesn’t own or have a deal directly with advertiser so they are unable to get revenue from their site. If we host the ads in the Webserver it will increase the load time of site.So to overcome this disadvantage adserver are created. 
There are many adserver which are free and some are own property of ad network or ad exchange.Example double click by
How ads serve through Adserver on sites which are hosted in the Webserver?
In digital advertising, the sites where ads are showing is publisher and the ad which is showing is from advertiser. 
When particular publisher writes blog or articles or shares something on his or her website. The only way of earning income from it is to be a part of any ad network/adexchange. 
So when any publisher becomes part of adnetwork. Adnetwork provide a specific code to publish to embed into  the site. 
This code present on the publisher site is called as ad slot which may be of different sizes. To know more about ad size please read this Article. 
Now when any user visit site, content of the site is loaded from top to bottom. 
When ad slot portion which is code provided by adnetwork reach. It calls the Adserver to show the ad. 
At the same time, Webserver is loading content without bothering about Adserver content. 
In this way, ad and the content of the site are loaded and preview on the site.
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