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How to refresh Google DFP Specific ad slot

You can use the refresh functionality of an asynchronous Google Publisher Tag to dynamically reload ads without having to refresh the entire contents of your page. Refreshing ads or Refreshing Ad slot in DFP as part of an ajax interface can be a pain, many ad providers do not support this feature out of the box. DFP does however which is […]

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DFP Publisher University : Getting Started with DFP Video

Lesson 1:Introduction 1 Lesson 2: Introduction 2 Lesson 3: Fallbacks Lesson 3:Content Ingestion Lesson 4:Ad Rules Lesson 5:Video Ad Tags Lesson 6:Troubleshoot Video Lesson 7:VAST XMLs Lesson 8:VMAP XMLs Questions: Which of the following is not one of the major categories of video ad? Linear Companion *Leaderboard Non-linear […]

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How To Make Responsive Ads in DFP

Why You Need Responsive Ads units ? So you have the responsive site and You have created the DFP ad units. You are running the Direct Campaign or Adsense/Adx display ads. Now you have the campaign to run on Desktop/Tablet/Mobile, Client have provided the assets. But when you have setup the campaign with all the […]

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DFP Troubleshooting

There are few methods with which we can Troubleshoot the Any Line item Under delivery, Creative Preview, Ad request wastage issue in DFP, DFP by default provides few solution to check the issue with ads. But we should be aware of below methods which help any ad trafficker to resolve any kind of issue Method […]

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Difference Between DFP Small Business and DFP Premium?

DoubleClick For Publisher is type of adserver created to help the publisher sell the site inventory to Ad exchanges or run the ads on their site by directly reaching out to advertiser/Agency. There are two main type of DFP account exist in the market, most of the times beginner get confused which one to choose […]

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