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Ad Tag Macros Insertion Version 3

As technology changes many new third party vendors are providing creative tags for ads.It’s very important to understand the macros (cache buster/click tracker implementation ) so that no discrepancy will occur in the campaign.This post will guide you all for macros implementation for Atlas,Eyeblaster,Adgear,Collective media,unicast and many more.  Celtra Original Tag: Modified Tag : Note:Append […]

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Ad tags Macros Insertion for Third parties like Jivox,Unicast,Legolas,Medialytics,BRIDGETRACK plus many more

In Digital Advertisement, Ad Tags Are Very Important But As A Ad Trafficker Each Time Some Questions That We Never Stop Asking To Google “Where Do I Insert Click Macro?”, “How To Insert Macros In Tags?. So Macros Insertion Is Very Important Step Because If We Incorrectly Implement The Macros, That Will Definitely Lead To […]

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