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MRAID stand for “Mobile Rich Media Ad Interface Definitions”,its common API (Application Programming Interface) which allow to show the mobile ads inside App.

It’s a protocol that ad designers and ad developers use to develop ads capable of interacting with an MRAID-compliant app.

Without MRAID, ad developers would have to design interactive ads specifically for each proprietary system into which it would serve. The cost of such development would be prohibitive for brands to effectively advertise in mobile apps.

How MRAID Works?
There are two systems involve when it comes to ad serving in side the app.

One is the Ad itself and another is app where ad will preview, However Ad and App doesn’t communicate directly. It need medium to understand the protocols set by app developer and ad developer. To find common ground for both ad and app developer, MRAID is developed.

Ad technologist is a person or a platform that can implement MRAID specific functionality. Ad technologist also help ad designer or ad developer use MRAID to implement interactive features. An ad designer or ad developer produces the ad with all the intended functionality, and the ad technologist uses scripts to standardize the functionality to MRAID specifications.

Likewise, on the app side, a vendor develops the components for interaction within a container that a simple JavaScript tag initiates. The container is where the ad can be executed using standardized protocols for communication in a browser-like environment, or webview.

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